Newspaper “Life” section: Research on usability and interest

Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail online edition wanted insights on the usability and attractiveness of their newly designed Life section. I facilitated one-on-one, task-based, usability reviews and in-depth interviews with people from the Globe’s target market.

The usability testing, which used both observation and eye-tracking, revealed some significant usability issues, especially as it related to site search. The research confirmed some of the designers’ predictions and suggested alternative approaches. The interviews helped the Globe understand what their target readers thought about the site and how it related to competing sources of lifestyle information and recipes. The study yielded insights and actionable recommendations that the Globe’s design team planned to put into practice.

Services: Usability consulting
Focus: Information Design, Search
Methods: Observation, Interviews

Engaged by: Bell Web Solutions
Media: Website
Sector: Media
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